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End of support for Windows Server 2003

Did you know that July 2015 marks the end of support for Windows Server* 2003? Here are a few of the challenges you might face after support ends:

  • Without security updates, your sensitive company data is at risk.
  • And, without access to standard patching, you’ll be forced to maintain systems with costly custom support agreements.
  • Failure to meet regulatory requirements could mean that Visa and MasterCard will no longer do business with your company.

Upgrade your IT environment now

Upgrade your IT environment now using the Intel® Xeon® processor E3 family with Windows Server* 2012 R2 to gain breakthrough performance, speed, and flexibility. A recent study by Boston Consulting Group found that SMB technology leaders reported 2X faster job growth and 15% faster increase in annual revenues.

Now is the time to take the lead. As a Intel® Technology Provider, Tree Top has the resources available to help make your transition to new server hardware and software as seamless as possible.

Contact us for more information.

Le groupe Tree Top est composé
de 3 sociétés bien distinctes mais complémentaires dans les domaines IT.
Tree Top est spécialisé dans le montage de PCs et servers, la vente de tout matériel informatique et l'installation de réseaux.
ArianeSoft est prestataire de services Internet et prend en charge le développement d'applications sur mesure.
ArianeSoft met en place avec vous une stratégie de communication, et développe vos applications multimédia.